Are you in need for energy? Do you feel exhausted, not being creative or productive in the way you used to be? Consider a moment to relax, release stress, or do you need a moment to reflex and take time to rebalance your lifestyle. Investing in a me-moment for you will improve you to feeling more energetic and vital profoundly. We offer you professional wellbeing to nurture periodic self-care, shape your health and provide maintenance for you to optimize your health and boost your energy. 

PREVENT is a 3-step program designed around energy. From indicating the present level of energy and health, to rebalancing lifestyle into regaining optimal energy. Everyone can walk these three steps and be guided into optimizing health performance to support the prevention of mental and physical diseases. It al requires your attention and commitment.

Our services include a balanced mix of lifestyle and bodywork interventions. With a focus on somatic practices the purpose is to rebalance and heal by embodiment. We help you to slowly move out of head and learn to listen to your body so that you have the ability to reflect and not simply react. When you learn to connect to your inner self, you learn to partner with your nervous system and empower your own physical and mental health. Do you want to master the skills for feeling better, being more focussed, increase resilience and lift your performance? 

Wellbeing focusses on releasing stress and learning skills to increase energy levels by managing  mental challenges such as insomnia, depression, stress and addictions. Wellness focuses on relaxing body and mind with biodynamic movement and touch to reduce chronic pains and bodily imbalances, leaving you with more energy to perform. Depending on how you feel you can alternate between the releasing and relaxing services and you can combine it in the subscription. Rebalance lifestyle focusses on your health monitoring and food choices for optimizing your energy levels. You can combine all three in our monthly or quarterly health package.

Release wellbeing

consists of stress & trauma releasing breath practices. The purpose is to reduce mental overload, relax the nervous system and grow into feeling great. Embodiment boosts physical release and increases mental resilience to manage daily life. 

Relax wellness

consists of chronic pain ands stres releasing treatments. The purpose is to reduce physical pains, lower muscular tension, and gain emotional insights from the body connection.

Rebalance lifestyle

involves around health monitoring, food choices and optimizing energy levels. The process is a measurement of energy levels in body and mind, lifestyle options and dietary interventions if necessary. Lifestyle is based around awareness and motivation, inviting  you to grow healthier bite-by-bite for optimizing your health span with yummy self-care.