Are you out of balance, burned-out, ill or unable to perform your profession? Chances are you may have depleted your resources and feeling deprived from energy to recover to good health. In the proces of healing there are many interventions possible that we offer in our program to boost your healing capabilities and revitalize so that you can be present at work and perform again within one quarter or longer if needed. 

HEAL is a 3-step program designed around regaining balance and strength. Based on the 8 pillars of a healthy balance, we will be reflecting on your time-line to analyse and learn what the root causes are for your imbalances do that we can designing a custom plan to reboot your body and mind to finding back your vitality. Everyone can walk these three steps and be guided into resetting proprieties and priorities to revitalizing your health. It al requires your dedication and willingness to transform.

Our services include a combined approach in natural healthcare and functional medicine. Derived from clinical practices and the latest scientific research, our offering is a blended path to recovery together with one’s own health care provider / medical doctor. With a focus on rebalancing the basic elements of good health and lifestyle interventions we adopt our 3, 6 or 12 month-program to fit it into your personal healing needs. The healing program is an intensive and dedicated program with a commitment to recovery! 

The 3-step program to reset your system, empower healing and boost your vitality is a weekly commitment of 3.5 hours. A weekly 2,5 hours in person meeting is alternated with two 30 minute calls to track and nourish physical and mental healing progress. Based on the effectiveness of recovery, we offer this highly personal healing path for your. Employers can count on a professionally guided and supported proces of recovery and vitality, lowering the costs of absence, loss of productivity and quality of performance, amounting to 10 billion yearly.


is the first step in the program where we identify the current state of affairs, the imbalances and the path to recovery. This step involves embodiment practices combined with food as medicine. The focus is on awareness of “Feel to heal” from within and outside in!


is the personalized healing program where we perform healing architecture to fit your personal needs. This may involve a carefully designed Intermittent Fasting program, a Longevity Roadmap or a mindfulness approach. The healing architecture involves a blend of scientifically proved medical approaches applied to one’s personal needs to heal. 


is the final steep where we will be introducing sustainable self-care skills and lifestyle choices with the purpose of health transformation to prevent you to fall back into the need for healing.