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Are you having trouble reducing absenteeism in your office? Our courses offer a solution. At Hamptons Health, we use a holistic approach to reduce mental and physical stress for you and your employees. Stress is a major factor in overall health, so we tackle this problem to reduce sick leave in your workplace. Our courses can be followed online in groups, or one-on-one.

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How our courses aide in reducing absenteeism

At Hamptons Health, we believe stress is the biggest cause for high rates of sick leave. When we experience high levels of stress, it negatively affects our immune system, leading to more sickness. This means increasing mental relaxation is the key to reducing absenteeism. Our courses allow you to strengthen your immune system and focus on your body’s cues by reducing mental stress. During our corporate care course, we focus on relieving work-related stress with various techniques, such as breath work.

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Start reducing absenteeism in your workplace today and book one of our courses. Are you unsure which course is right for your company or how many sessions you want to book? Send us a message via our contact form or reach us by calling +31 6 50243993. We will gladly give you advice and help you find the right solution.

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