The toolbox of healing modalities offered at Hamptons Health originate from ancient practices to modern scientific research. Some have been practices for over centuries and are now being scientifically validated and others have derived only recently. 

The base of good health is holistic health. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” This statement is taken from the World Health Organisation’s constitution, that was adopted in 1946. Holistic health addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of health. As a field of practice, holistic medicine draws from many disciplines, religions and cultures to heal people, communities and even the environment. The term holistic refers to the concept that all parts of a whole are intimately interconnected. According to holism – from the Greek “holo” meaning “whole” – , it is essential to study the whole, in stead of the one part with physical symptoms of disease or injury. 

Areas of holistic health include the body, mind, spirit, people, culture and the environment. 

Functional medicine is the innovative field where traditional ancient healing practices are added to the modern western medicine practice. Trained as medical doctors involved a focus on treating illness and diseases as part of the bodies with pharmaceutical solutions. In the passionate strive to healing the root cause of any imbalance these highly specialised medical doctors are now merging East and West by combining holistic health principles into lifestyle medicine practices as a fundamental essence into restoring balance for health. At Hamptons Health we facilitate, train and guide you in these holistic health principles.

Lifestyle medicine involves six pillars for good health: a whole-food, plant-predominant eating pattern, physical activity, restorative sleep, stress management, avoidance of risk substances and positive social connections – also providing active prevention for these conditions. The element of food and nutrition is of vital importance. Food plays a role in everything from weight loss and management to chronic disease prevention as many illnesses stem from issues relating to diet. 

The healing modalities of Hamptons Health combine lifestyle with bodywork for mind and physical health. With Lifestyle we focus on healing nutrition through food choices and energetics delivering insights on what, when and how much to eat and why you eat. Focussing on personal possibilities & preferences, lifestyle challenges and your ultimate purpose in life, the core elements involve:


What are the body’s needs for nutrition, sleep, exercise and rejuvenation? What are the underlying causes of physical pain, what steps can be taken to release this pain – or live with it? What actions can be taken to prevent bodily injury, illness and disease?


What are the mind’s needs for stimulation, curiosity, wonder and creative expression? What information and lessons do our emotions provide? What is an embodied account of the mind and spirit? What are its interdependent connections with others and the environment?


What practices and rituals connect us with something larger than ourselves? How can we connect with the divine, with nature, with ancestors, and with other sources of deep purpose and meaning beyond oneselves?


How is one connected to others? In what ways cab ties with family, friends, loved ones, neighbours and strangers be strengthened, renewed and repaired? How can one give time and resources generously, draw healthy boundaries, and cultivate community?


What is one’s cultural inheritance? What values and traditions – including art, performances, ceremonies, rites, crafts, and ways of life – would one like to bring into the present and preserver the future? What can one’s culture teach us about living healthy?


What are the unique features of the space one lives in – the neighbourhood, geography, flora and fauna? Who loves nearby, and how has this place changed over time? What is the history of this place? How does this place affect one’s health – is it clean, welcoming, loud, harsh, disruptive, joyful or peaceful? What healing and help does this environment need, to be healthy?

The Healing modalities involve a series of body-oriented practices to align body and mind to rebalance to a natural state of feeling happy and healthy. Bodywork is an effective compass for feeling and brings your future by neuro-muscular and biological development. It is about finding your ultimate purpose and performance to achieve your personal summit!