Bodywork empowers your body’s natural process for healing from start to finish, releasing chronic tension and restructuring your system at a cellular level. Biodynamic movement is a dual proces of active and passive movement whereby energy – positive and negative emotions – become fluid. As our bodies are 70% water, this liquidity of energies enable the release of stuck emotions, facilitating discharge and smooth delivering new vibrant energy throughout the body. As you “Feel to Heal” you will gain understanding of what has made you to feel feel pain, sorrow or grief. The gift of bodywork is that you leave feeling relieved, relaxed and energised. 

Besides movement, which is done by shaking, unwinding in a standing position and with dynamic pulsing in a horizontal position, conscious breathing is used to connect to the bodily sensations – the felt sense – and release emotional responses.   

The concepts of bodywork are initiated by W. Reach and A. Lowen. The definition of bodywork being the increased vibration, grounding and breathing. Bodywork can result into new experiences, however, not all experiential work is bodywork. Bodywork can bring new feelings, that increase awareness, yet awareness doe snot result in more  feelings. Paying attention to and respecting the neglected feeling is a necessary first step in bodywork. Setting aside the habit of ignoring feelings, often results in a place of discomfort and it is in this neglected space beyond the comfort zone where actual growth begins. When strong feelings arise, awareness largely takes care of itself!

In Bodywork, there are five goals

Deepen, slow, and regulate respiration. This is the first and fundamental goal of bodywork, the following help improve the respiratory goal. Deepening respiration is more than increasing oxygen levels. However, in this day and age, the quality of breathing is so dysfunctional that some basic exercises seem to constitute the positive effects of feeling much better in just one sessions.

Balance the automatic nervous system. As most of us suffer from sympathetic shift, leading to increased parasympathetic state, intervention is needed. Work on the autonomic nervous system helps to balance the immune system and endocrine system.   

Improve alignment of the body, including the spine. This complex task involves every joint and muscle in the body. It requires lengthening and relaxation of several muscle groups. With alignment movement seems to become effortless and is largely pleasurable again. Grounding here is used in the context of emotional embodimnent, of coming home in the body, as well as physically grounding, feeling the earth beneath your feet and to be used as support and as a springbard for movement. 

Reduce muscular tightness. This is done with shaking, massage, re-alignmnet, expressive or lengthening techniques. 

Increase the capacity for self expression. This is done by working with the voice, mouth, face, eyes, and arms. Here expression brings growth in a person’s ability to posses s and shape expression that changes in session catharsis into self-expression the transfers weel to daily life.

As many adults have a mixture of muscular tensions and muscular incapabilities, both exercises for releasing tension and neuro-muscular development are used in Bodywork.