At Hamptons Health we actively use the sophisticated In Body measurement tool for measuring the accurate body composition. The tool uses a combination of low and high frequencies to determine extracellular, intracellular and total body water. The use of multiple frequencies allows the device to objectify health and achieve a high level of precision and tracking compassion and fluid status measurements. Discover and track in addition your:

  • Muscular-fat analysis

  • Obese analysis

  • Segmental muscular analysis

  • Weight regulation

  • Presence of Body inflammation

These numbers all matter to understand your present health, to indicate areas of improvement and to track your progress. Whether you want to improve your strength and physique or you wish to lose body fat and become leaner. The measurement of Body Fat Percentage over BMI is more precise as BMI I determined by dividing your weight by your height squared and Body Fat Percentage puts your weight into the context by showing how much of it is fat mass, training muscles will result in tracking increased muscular mass. When your weight may not change with BM, you may trace substantial improvement in fat to muscle mass changes.

How often measure?

Ideally every 2-4 weeks when you are on an active program. It may be increasing muscle mass, lowering muscle imbalances, lowering fat mass, improving diabetes type 2, track changes in your basic metabolic rate and other dietary interventions.

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