Andullation combines mechanical vibrations with infrared dept heat. Andullation is highly innovative and developed by joined teamwork of scientists, doctors and academic hospitals. The
modality that improves the overal body functions, which is essential for maintenance and health recovery treatments:

  • Active pain release for many parts in the body
  • Improving body performance
  • Shortens body recovery time
  • Improves mobility and well-being (insomnia a.o.)
  • Rebalances body and mind
  • Lowers stress and improves stress resistance
  • Contributes to beauty by relaxation, anti-aging and skin enhancements

Adulation works according to five biophysical principles:

  • 1
    Energy production at cellular level – adulation activates microwaves that stimulate the production of ATP (adenosinetrifosfaat). This proces increase the level of energy at cellular level, which has a positive effect on our organs and our overal health.
  • 2
    Pain release by gate system and endorphin – andullation creates oppression of neurophysiological and hormonal pain signals. The positive signals oppress the pain signals so the brain receives more positive than negative signals resulting in signals of pain release. Anduallation steers the release of endorphins – the substance that offers natural pain release.
  • 3
    Stimulation of blood circulation – many pains derive from a lack of circulation. Blood enables nourishment at cellular level. When this proces of circulation slows down or deteriorates, we get tired and sick. Blood cells that are ill starts to stick together and wither, causing an inability to nourish and loss of vitality. Andullation steers blood circulation, hereby reducing the pains and increasing vitality at cellular level.
  • 4
    Relaxation – adullation enables the widening of blood vessels which stimulates the blood flow to organs and muscles. When the blood flow is improved, nutrition can be absorbed and waste can be transported out of the cells. This metabolic nourishment causes a reduction of pain and tension and improved relaxation as a result of cellular metabolism.
  • 5
    Lymphatic stimulation – The lymph system is vital for detoxification and drainage of the body. It is also an integral part of our immune system. Adullation improves the condition for metabolic health and a proper immune function by steering the circulation of body fluids.

Book here a private session to discover the health and healing benefits of andullation. We have guided 14-days – daily healing programs for acute pain release, chronic pain release, increased recovery and pain / preventive health and well-being for:

  • Blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Back pains
  • Hernia – lumbago
  • Parkinson disease
  • Restless-legs syndrome
  • Rheumatism
  • Sleeping disorder 
  • Stress release
  • Arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Disc osteoarthritis of the neck
  • Disc osteoarthritis of the lower back 
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Relaxation
  • Well-being

Well-Being is a complementary preventive health package of:

  • Anti-aging – the price sof aging is slowed down when cell metabolism is activated. The better ATP works, the more vital we are and stay because of cellular nourishment, recovery and renewal capacity. It supports the production of collagen which strengthens the skins elasticity.
  • Stress release – andullation helps to balance the autonomic nervous system by controlling heart beat and respiration. Stress levels will drop and stress resistance improves.
  • Physical en mental relaxation – physical activities and mental stress cause contraction and stiffness. Adulation widens the blood vessels by vibration and infrared therapy supports metabolic health by warmth therapy.
  • Beauty – metabolism is important for nourishment at cellular level for skin, tissue, muscles and organs. The quality of metabolism impacts our health and our beauty because proper nourishment relaxes the body and supports the production of collagen. Collagen forms part of our tissue, it supports a firm skin, soft shapes and a young and radiant look.