We help to improve your mental relaxation

Hamptons Health was founded by Athalie Stegeman, a certified holistic coach and biodynamic Breath Work & Trauma Release System practitioner, who helps support your mental relaxation. She is a certified Integrative Massage and Deep Tissue therapist. She is a “Private health detective” who recognizes various symptoms and works with you to find the best solution in supporting your mental health. Athalie Stegeman specializes in the connection between the gut and the brain and resolving gut-related problems.

Mental health is prosperity

In addition to being a coach, Athalie is also a writer. She is highly motivated to find the best solutions for different people to improve mental relaxation. As a health coach, she lives and works by the motto “Health is Wealth.” Because only if you have good physical and mental health, can you enjoy your inner prosperity. For this, you sometimes need insights so that you can improve your quality of life. During several sessions at our Haarlem location, we are happy to help you gather these insights. You can attend various courses, ranging from nutritional counseling to breath work.